Workshop “Digitally Enhanced Museum Experience” on 27.11.2019

This half-day workshop in St. Pölten UAS will on the one hand present central findings of the national project MEETeUX, which is investigating the use of digital surfaces in museum exhibitions with a focus on integrating the visitors’ devices (BYOD – bring your own device). On the other hand, invited international experts from the  GLAM (Galleries, libraries, archives, museums) community will present their best practices and learnings with digitally enriching artefacts.


10:00 Welcome

10:10 Keynote – Kathryn Eccles, Oxford Internet Institute

10:55 NOUS Sonic. New ways of augmented listening. NOUS Wissensmanagement

11:20 tbd. Fluxguide

11:45 Lunch with possibility for demos

12:45 Presentation MEETeUX

13:15 MEETeUX Demo

13:45 Adventure World Museum – “3D process chains” and sample projects from Archeology and Cultural Heritage. Martin Schaich, ArcTron 3D

14:10 Capstone

14:55 Closing

15:00 End

The program will be updated shortly.