Multi-Device Ecologies Towards Elaborate User Experience


Project Info

MEETeUX discusses issues of relevance to the future in the sectors of interaction design and user experience design for the integrated usage of media technology devices (mobile devices, multi-touch tabletops, large surfaces) in multi-device ecologies.

In semi-public spaces, tested interaction designs and user experience concepts are still lacking and make it difficult to apply the technologies easily, for the prospective integrated and for user’s beneficial usage of these devices. MEETeUX will make this possible by designing usage scenarios for the integration of various terminal devices, which shows the usage of multi-device ecologies in semi-public spaces. Therefore, MEETeUX concentrates on the integration of the user’s terminal devices (“Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) usually smartphones) in consisting device ecologies. The usage of the own devices allows an adaption to the user’s special needs, thus improving the accessibility. In MEETeUX, selected scenarios, e.g. for the usage of knowledge transfer in a museum, will be implemented and evaluated for a user centered design approach.

project team

Markus Seidl

Project Lead

Peter Judmaier

Senior Researcher

Markus Wagner

Junior Researcher

Stefanie Größbacher

Junior Researcher

Niklas Thür

Student Researcher

Laura Breban

Student Researcher

Christoph Taucher

Student Researcher

Martin Kaltenbrunner

External Consultant,
University of Art and Design Linz

Messages from the Advisory Board

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Research Document

The manuscript documents the research about interactive installations in museums.

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Research Matrix

The visualization gives an overview about the researched interactive installations in museums.



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Blumenstein, K., C. Niederer, M. Wagner, W. Pfersmann, M. Seidl, and W. Aigner, "Visualizing Spatial and Time-Oriented Data in a Second Screen Application", Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services: ACM, In Press.

Hack, M., M. Würz, P. Eberhardt, K. Rudisch, G. Strobl, I. Miclaus, S. Ulbel, D. Koller, G. Schmiedl, and K. Blumenstein, "Design-Konzept zur Visualisierung von geopolitischen Daten auf einer Smartwatch", 11. Forschungsforum der Österreichischen Fachhochschulen, Krems, Austria, 2017.

Press articles

Dinosaurier aus Fleisch und Blut, profil, 21.08.2017