Fourth Advisory Board Meeting

After finishing implementing our use case in the museum of Klosterneuburg monastery, we decided to conduct our fourth advisory board meeting in Klosterneuburg. The goal was to gain insight about our interactive installation from our experts.

Participants at the fourth advisory board meeting – from left to right: Kasra Seirafi (Fluxguide), Martin Grubinger (Fluxguide), Florian Taurer (St. Pölten UAS), Victor Oliveira (St. Pölten UAS), Kerstin Blumenstein (St. Pölten UAS), Martin Haltrich (Klosterneuburg Monastery), Niklas Thür (St. Pölten UAS), Stefanie Größbacher (St. Pölten UAS), Intern of Klosterneuburg Monastery, Martin Kaltenbrunner (University of Art and Design Linz), Markus Seidl (St. Pölten UAS), Erich Schmid (Austrian Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland), Walter Szevera (Technisches Museum Wien), accompanying person, Magdalena Boucher (St. Pölten UAS)

Project leader Markus Seidl and host Martin Haltrich welcomed all participants. Markus Seidl and Kerstin Blumenstein reported about the development of the project and the implementation of the use case in Klosterneuburg.

Afterwards we performed a user test of our app and interactive installation with all participants in the museum. In a following focus group discussion, we discussed with our experts possible improvements.

Thanks again to all participants for your active participation.